Episode 70

Published on:

27th Apr 2021

The Music Industry Mental Health White Paper, with Chayim Newman & Zack Borer

Dr. Chayim Newman & Zack Borer are back to discuss mental health in the music industry. Between February and March of 2020 (prior to the work stoppage caused by the pandemic), over 1100 global music industry professionals responded to a survey, indicating exacerbated levels of stress, anxiety, and detrimental behaviors. Upon reviewing the responses and the infrastructure present in the industry, Chayim and Zack created an industry white paper, outlining where we are now, identifying tools and resources that currently exist to address these chronic concerns, and contemplating a blueprint for the road ahead. In our discussion, we talk about the role a governing body could play in mandating industry health and wellness standards, the importance of actionable items being prioritized moving forward, and the different ways members of the music industry can support these efforts as we get back to work.

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