Episode 44

Published on:

27th Oct 2020

Building the Complete Festival Experience, from Entrance to Exit, with Emily May Ockenden

After a brief hiatus, we're glad to be back with rock star festival director, Emily May Ockenden. Emily handles dual roles as the Director of Production for BWG Live and the Director of Operations for WYH Live. Raised in Australia, Emily got her start with Future Music Group in Sydney as a receptionist. She found her break when 3-months in, the festival coordinator left the company just weeks before the Future Music Festival (a mammoth tour consisting of 13 festivals and 40 sideshows packed into 3 weeks). She returned from her stint as festival coordinator and moved into handling tour logistics for the likes of The Stone Rose, The Prodigy, and Drake. After six years of touring Australasia as the National Touring Coordinator & Head of Artist Relations for FMG, Emily moved to the US, transitioning from logistics and tour management to site development and production design. She recently held the role of Festival Director for Something in the Water Festival, and since the shutdown has stayed active working on virtual events and has expanded her already impressive repertoire of skills to include COVID compliance.

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