Episode 16

Published on:

9th Jun 2020

Visible Representation and the Value of Perspective, with Ashley Lomax

With experience as a singer-songwriter, publisher, tour manager, and VIP coordinator, Ashley Lomax has held a number of roles in the entertainment industry, and she keeps getting pulled back in. Beginning her touring work with VIP Nation, Ashley has since worked with artists like Janet Jackson, Slipknot, Kanye West, Chris Brown, and Stone Sour, among others. Her most recent endeavor includes a role as a tour manager for Dominic Fike on his domestic and international tour. Despite her busy road life, she continues to create, with the “The Ashley Alexander Show” on Soundcloud, and the “The Ashley Alexander Channel” on Youtube, where she has been interviewing artists and touring personnel. In our discussion with with Ashley we cover her path to the music industry, how BIG 3 compares to the music world, and ways to stay sane through coronacation.

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