Episode 18

Published on:

16th Jun 2020

Artists as Athletes, with RAab Stevenson

RAab Stevenson is rarely in the spotlight, but he's the man who makes sure the artist's voice is at its best on stage. RAab's first big break in the industry came in 2002, when he earned a roll as a background vocalist to Justin Timberlake. Soon after touring as background vocals, RAab would become one of the most sought after vocal coaches in the industry, with a client list that includes Dave Matthews, Rihanna, Kelly Clarkson, and countless others. As a vocal coach, RAab's approach sees him treating his clients as athletes and he trains them accordingly. In our discussion with RAab we cover the role a vocal coach plays in long-term artist success, the proactive and reactive nature of his work, and the road that led him to this calling.

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